Unesco Cultural Policy Roundtables

Monday 19th August, 2019
9:00 am - 11:30 am
Department of Creative & Festival Arts, The UWI

The symposia will examine the variety of contexts in which art practitioners, researchers, creative entrepreneurs, artist managers, funders and policy makers operate. CARIFESTA XIV 2019 will host the Symposia with the theme “Journey Round Myself: Crossing Borders, Strengthening Connections, Breaking Boundaries” which is taken from the title of an article “Journey Round Myself” written by Errol Hill in 1999.

Unesco Cultural Policy Roundtables

The CARIFESTA XIV Symposia – ‘Journey Round Myself’ will feature two cultural policy roundtables hosted by UNESCO on Monday 19th August and Tuesday 20th August 2019 from 09.00- 11.15 a.m., at the Main Lecture Hall, Department of Creative and Festival Arts, Cheesman Avenue. The roundtables will encourage conversations between the various actors in the cultural policy domain, to stimulate a more harmonious approach to the role of cultural policy in regional development.

DAY ONE will set the framework for the conversations by addressing the various theoretical and conceptual considerations that converge on the cultural policy ecology. In this regard, regional and international experts will be invited to speak about key areas including regionalism/globalism, intellectual property, cultural industries, media & communication, and research & mapping.

DAY TWO will address the implementation of cultural policies, given the framework laid down in Day One. Directors of Culture, Policy Technocrats, artists and entrepreneurs will be given an opportunity to address the various issues that they encounter in rolling out policies in the region. They will be asked to focus on the smart practices and the spaces for collaboration to mitigate the challenges they encounter in their work.

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