Journey Round Myself Symposia

Monday 19th August, 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Department of Creative & Festival Arts, The UWI

The symposia will examine the variety of contexts in which art practitioners, researchers, creative entrepreneurs, artist managers, funders and policy makers operate. CARIFESTA XIV 2019 will host the Symposia with the theme “Journey Round Myself: Crossing Borders, Strengthening Connections, Breaking Boundaries” which is taken from the title of an article “Journey Round Myself” written by Errol Hill in 1999.

Journey Round Myself Symposia

Crossing Borders. Strengthening Connections. Breaking Boundaries.

The theme for CARIFESTA XIV Symposia 2019 is “Journey Round Myself”, the expression is taken from the title of an article written by Errol Hill in 1999. The article traces the pathways that Hill himself traversed as he contemplated the efficacy of his own thesis that made a case for using the Trinidad Carnival as a foundation for the establishment of a National Theatre.

This ‘journey round himself’ contemplated what he believed was necessary for Caribbean people to deploy their cultural resources and assets in the service of their own well being. Hill argued that the construction of a Caribbean aesthetic was critical for the realization and celebration of Caribbean civilization. But he cautioned that the process of arrival involved critical self-interrogation, collaboration, imagination and a keen sensitivity to the wider world. He believed that Caribbean ways of life, as well as its cultural expressions, had to be ‘grounded in their own traditions’ for them to be sustainable.

Twenty years after Hill’s publication, CARIFESTA XIV will host the symposium, ‘Journey Round Myself’ to reflect on and interrogate his views. It will explore the various idioms, voices, and cosmologies of the region’s cultural dynamics by re-visiting Hill’s articulation of the role of the creative in Caribbean societies.

The presentations will examine if and how the diversity of creative expressions in the region can be used to harness deeper connections among and between communities both at home and abroad, as well as between academe, practitioners, and policymakers. In so doing, it will examine the ways in which the creative and cultural core might be useful in understanding self, improving access, promoting innovation, enabling social justice and equality, fostering transformation and encouraging sustainable economic growth.

The symposium will examine the variety of contexts in which art practitioners, researchers, creative entrepreneurs, artist managers, funders and policymakers operate. It will enable comparisons, co-learning, and exchanges on these issues and encourage building bridges between cultural research and practice.

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