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Grand Riviere Community Festival

Grande Riviere is a rural village situated on the north coast of Trinidad. It derived its name from the large river which runs through it, meeting the sea. For bathers, this offers the opportunity to combine sea bathing with river swimming in the same beautiful location.

The area has also become known for its bird watching opportunities; the home to such species as the endangered Blue-throated Piping-Guan (Pawi), Crimson-crested Woodpecker, and Swallow-tailed Kite. It is also a primary nesting ground for a large number of Leatherback turtles.

Grande Riviere activities:

  • Fair at the Recreation Ground where various aspects of Turtle Conservation and Cocoa Production will be on display
  • Nature Trails to the Cocoa Estates
  • Dancing the Cocoa
  • Pulling in the nets from the fishing boats as they come ashore with the day’s catch.
  • Boat rides around the pristine waters of North Coast
  • A cultural show highlighting the talents of the inhabitants of the North Coast


The First Peoples of Trinidad are the Amerindians. The tour to Cleaver Woods Recreation Park gives insight into two tribes; the Caribs and the Arawaks and their influence on our society and how they lived.

On the tour, persons can visit The Amerindian House called an Ajoupa, located in this 32-acre forest which contains various items and artifacts from their era in a small museum. There will also be beautiful nature trails for those wishing to take a stroll through the trees and benches to sit and enjoy the home of the Amerindians. Kids can also enjoy a small playground and families can gather under the thatched roof for a picnic.

Caroni Bird Sanctuary 

Caroni covers an area of 557 km2(215 sq miles) in the West Central part of the island of Trinidad. The name was derived from the Caroni River, which stretches from the hills of the Central Range into the lowlands of the Caroni Plains and the Caroni Swamp.

This part of the County is well known for its industrial zone located in Point Lisas and the lush agricultural landscape.  At one point in time, it was heavily associated with the sugar cane industry. Its cultural and ethnic heritage includes a blend of all the different races, religions, food, song, dance etc.

The tour will incorporate visits to the following areas:

  • Shri Dattatreya Yoga Centre
  • The Indian Caribbean Museum of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Sewdass Sadhu Shiv Mandir – Temple in The Sea
  • Sevilla Sugar Museum, Brechin Castle
  • Caroni Bird Sanctuary

La Brea Pitch Lake

The Pitch Lake is nestled in the village of La Brea, in the South Western part of Trinidad. It is the largest of the world’s three natural Asphalt Lakes, and is approximately 250 feet deep, with a surface area of 100 acres.

This Community Festival will incorporate, a visit to the La Brea Nightingales Steelpan Band, where visitors will witness the tuning of the pan and enjoy live steelpan music. It will culminate with a Cultural Show at CARAT Beach with some of the following activities:

  • Parang
  • Steel Pan
  • Rhythm Sections
  • East Indian Dancers
  • Moko Jumbies
  • Spanish  Dancers
  • Drumology
  • Tassa
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